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Homelessness in the UK is a complex, multi-faceted and systemic social problem.

Our Centre for Doctoral Training – HOME – is a collection of Ph.D. projects aiming to approach the problem in a creative way, from multiple perspectives.

Our game-changing approach uses a creative lens to build empathy and understanding from new, under-represented perspectives and under-researched contexts across different types of homelessness. Our trans-disciplinary team pioneers collaborative working with citizens, communities and stakeholders.

We are developing new methods to give voice to those affected by homelessness and empower them as co-designers in improving policy. Working with our committed external partners we will creatively bring to life the relationships between power, policy and the material realities of home(lessness), to develop impactful and responsible solutions for policy change.

Our Supervisory Team is drawn from Loughborough University’s School of Design and Creative Arts, School of Architecture, Civil and Building Engineering on the East Midlands campus, and the Institute of Design Innovation at Loughborough University, London. We have an extensive partner network of external organisations in the Midlands and London who are supporting the CDT, along with an external advisory board.

Our Centre for Doctoral Training is funded by Loughborough University and will run from 2021-2024.  Initially we have 5 Fully-Funded Studentships available and we have the capacity to grow this further through self-funding students. 

For more information about studying for a PhD at Loughborough University, see the university’s Doctoral College webpages. 

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