The Meaning of Home Podcast was created by the researchers of the HOME CDT to generate conversations around varied themes centred on homelessness in the UK, as a multi-faceted
social problem. Sharing insights and ideas to build understanding from different perspectives. The podcast is hosted by Sara Christou and produced by Dave Angel and will include such guests as doctoral researchers and academics part of the HOME CDT, service providers, those affected by homelessness, policymakers, emergency planners, artists, other researchers and academics interested in home(lessness).

Episode 1

This is our first episode, and the theme is ‘Beginnings’. We’ll be finding out about The Harnessing Opportunities for Meaningful Environments Centre for Doctoral Training (HOME CDT). We are joined by Prof. Rebecca Cain, Prof. Vicky Haines, and Dr Ksenia Chmutina, all academics part of the HOME CDT.

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Episode 2

The theme of our second episode is ‘Empathy’. We discuss the role storytelling plays in better understanding homelessness narratives, joined by Peter Gardom, Director of this great adventure; and Holly Turpin, a fellow Doctoral Researcher in the HOME CDT.

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Episode 3

The theme of our third episode is ‘Visibility’. We discuss the hidden nature of homelessness and in particular, the experiences of women. We’re joined by Lucy Campbell, Head of Multiple Disadvantage – Service Transformation at Single Homeless Project; and Kate John, Women’s Recovery Coordinator at St Mungo’s.

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Episode 4

This episode’s theme is ‘Belonging’. We explore how a sense of belonging relates to our identity. We’re joined by Hannah Kumari, a performer, writer, director and producer; and Shaniece Martin, a poet and PhD student at Coventry University.

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Episode 5

This episode’s theme is ‘Voice’. We explore finding a way to speak about the loss of home through your own words. We’re joined by Andreena Leeanne, a Workshop Facilitator, Poet, and a Speaker with lived experience of homelessness.

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Episode 6

This episode’s theme is ‘Youth’. We discuss the impact of homelessness on young people. Joined by Phil Kerry, CEO of NHYC, and Hannah Deignan​, Shine Project Co‑ordinator at YMCA Leicestershire.

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Episode 7

This episode’s theme is ‘Embodied’. We discuss the physical experience of homelessness and the impact of trauma on the body. Joined by Michaela Queensborough, Children and Young People Programme Manager at AVA.

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Episode 8

This episode’s theme is ‘Choice’. We discuss the need for a variety of housing options and types of support for people experiencing homelessness. Joined by Louisa Steele from Standing Together, Eilidh Stringer from Action Homeless, and Jen Kiernan from Centre for Homelessness Impact.

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Episode 9

This episode’s theme is ‘Displacement’. We discuss research on how policing anti social behaviour impacts on people experiencing street homelessness. Joined by Dr Vicky Heap and Dr Alex Black from Sheffield Hallam University, and Dr Chris Devany from University of York.

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