The Meaning of Home Podcast is a podcast started by the students of the HOME CDT to generate conversations around varied themes centred on homelessness in the UK, as a multi-faceted
social problem. Sharing insights and ideas to build understanding from different perspectives. The podcast is hosted by Sara Christou and produced by Dave Angel and will include such guests as doctoral researchers and academics part of the HOME CDT, service providers, those affected by homelessness, policymakers, emergency planners, artists, other researchers and academics interested in home(lessness).

Episode 1

This is our first episode, and the theme is ‘Beginnings’. We’ll be finding out about The Harnessing Opportunities for Meaningful Environments Centre for Doctoral Training (HOME CDT). We are joined by Prof. Rebecca Cain, Prof. Vicky Haines, and Dr Ksenia Chmutina, all academics part of the HOME CDT.

Listen here

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